the coast.

yesterday i drove out to the coast with jake to check out cape meares and look for birds.   i walked jake along the bayocean spit and saw some buffleheads as well as some hunters.  it was pretty.

next we headed to the cape meares scenic viewpoint to check out the wildlife refuge (ie the rocks in the water).

it turned out to be a pretty nice day..  without binoculars it was hard to see the birds on the further rock..

signs suggest there are a variety of cormorants, pigeon guillemots, common murres, and puffins... i'm not quite sure what i can see in this photo...

next we stopped at a little wildlife area i had visited once before.. i forget the name, but there is this big watefall and a rocky beach...
a rocky ledge with some gulls..

an oystercatcher.

a dead pelican..

next i drove further down the road towards netarts and came across a couple of mule deer:

they didn't seem to mind me taking pictures or even jake barking like crazy... another car came up behind me and they wandered out of the road up a hill, then stopped to watch me and jake barking.  usually jake scares deer off if i don't so it was interesting that they stayed close by.

as i kept driving i caught sight of the water again, with all these birds:
brown pelicans!  though most aren't showing much brown at all now that it's almost winter..  it took a few wrong turns but i figured out how to get down to this beach in netarts.

jake sat so patiently while i took a hundred pictures of them...
look at that wingspan!  my bird book says it's about 6 1/2 feet!
so great to watch!

finally i let jake tear around the beach...
he was happy.
on the way back to the car i snapped another quick one of the pelicans:

we kept driving towards cape lookout...

a crow..

at cape lookout i don't recall seeing any birds... i didn't have time to do any of the hikes so i just took jake down to the beach for a bit.
he was freaked out by this foam.  what you can't tell in the picture is that it is slowly moving towards him.

that was it for the coast.. a great trip overall!


  1. Looks like a nice time, and I love to see a happy dog!

  2. Hey that waterfall is where we were right? I have pics I think. You are having such good luck or are very patient to see so much amazing wildlife on every trip!! The photos are do good too.


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