random birds from the last couple months...

this is a great blue heron at thousand acres (aka the sandy river delta) from october when i had brought jake, josie, and charlie out to burn some energy.  the pollution behind it really makes the picture for me.

somehow i lived in portland for 8 years (minus those 6 months in philly) without visiting cathedral park under the st. johns bridge!  here are some of the friends i had been missing out on.... i had jake with me and they still swam towards us (which made jake extra crazy).

this jumbled mess of a bird was up in my friend's tree in NE portland.  it looked like a huge hawk but was just a northern flicker:
i still don't know why it was in a ball... but it was neat looking.

this is from the top of wind mountain back in september- a turkey vulture i believe.

this is an osprey near warm springs, oregon in september... right off lake simtustus by the pelton dam.


  1. i thought that the picture and you saying you were "burning" energy were connected, at first...even though i've had this for like a year, i'm always kind of baffled by how to use it!


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