Vancouver Lake, etc.

I spent the morning around Vancouver Lake and the nearby country roads.  I had only been to the lake once before by accident, so it was fun to explore the area.   I stopped at the lake parking area first where there were four Bald Eagles within view.


That was pretty cool.  I drove on down the road past the lake towards where all the hunters park..  I found this little tree with four different kinds of birds:

I think this is a Western Scrub-Jay.

An American Kestrel.

A Western Meadowlark and a Northern Flicker.

On the other side of the road were a ton of blackberry bushes full of House Finches:

I returned to Vancouver Lake to let Jake run around a bit... He was not too pleased with this sign:

I spotted a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret further down the lake shore...

Jake then rolled in goose-like poop and ran off with a buoy.

Next we stopped at Frenchman's Bar Park to see what was going on there... There were a gazillion Canada Geese in the field:

I drove further up Lower River Road and found some hawks..
Probably a Red-tailed Hawk.

Probably another younger Red-tailed Hawk.

Towards the end of the road is a barn with some cows... 

They were really cute.

On the way back down Lower River Road I saw this guy:
I'm not sure about this guy... He looks smaller to me than other hawks I saw today.


  1. Cool! Hey where is a Thousand Acres at?

  2. Great shots and a caution...birding is an addiciton!! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Jen, I finally got your site on my blog follow list, so I'll be staying more current. Your photographs are wonderful - you put a ? by a lot of your IDs - you are getting them right! I enjoy you blog. Happy holidays!


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