Cathlamet, WA & Ankeny NWR

Yesterday I went up to Cathlamet, Washington, to check out the area including the Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbian White-Tailed Deer.  I found a nice pair of the deer on Puget Island:

At the refuge I took a picture of a goose with a neck band- I reported it and will hopefully find out where the goose has been!

I came upon a pair of blue herons doing an interesting dance- I wasn't sure if they were mating or fighting but one flew off before I snapped a picture.  The other heron was in a similar pose before flying off..

Adjacent to Ankeny NWR is this field of sheep.  What I didn't get a picture of was the abandoned house just to the left that sheep seem to have taken over... It's weird.

I think this is a Cooper's Hawk...

A cute little Dark-eyed Junco.

A Bewick's Wren.

It so looks like Spring!


  1. Lots of great different pictures. I love the one with the great blue heron and the geese. It almost looks like he's chasing them.


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