Recent birds..

Last weekend at Chinook Park in Washington...

Semipalmated Plovers? 

And from Cape Disappointment..

I thought the deer was fake until he walked off...

Jake didn't even notice him. Or her.

From Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge..

I thought it was funny.

And from the sidewalk in front of my apartment...

Usually I only see the gulls and crows my neighbor feeds, so a flicker is kind of exciting.

And... the sunrise last Saturday over the Columbia River...


  1. Great variety of shots! The deer is lovely, and so is the Flicker. Well done!

  2. All of these are really nice, but to have gotten that close to a Yellow-shafted Flicker...I must say, that is quite the deal for your day, for they chase easily~ Well Done~

  3. Lovely shots—that flicker looks so tame! The ones in my area are quite skittish; you are fortunate to have seen yours so close by.


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