Ridgefield NWR 03-04-10

It was beautiful sunny morning in Portland, but up in Ridgefield it was pretty foggy.. I managed my first pictures of a male Northern Harrier..

That was pretty cool.  Then I got a picture of this guy:

Wilson's Snipe.

 A foggy pair of Hooded Mergansers..

I think this was the only Bald Eagle I saw today..

Instead of eagles, the trees were filled with herons.. And the ground too, obviously.

I wish all birds enjoyed being photographed as much as these guys do...


  1. Great photos of the snipe and Song Sparrow. It looks like the SOSP is trying its hardest to avoid the blackberry thorns.

  2. Amazing shots! Congratulations!

  3. Nice series of sightings Jen despite the foggy conditions. FAB.


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