My yard.

I have a teeny tiny side yard where I've hung a suet feeder and a little bird feeder to try to attract something other than squirrels and crows...

Flickers were regular visitors at first..

Yellow-rumped Warblers are all over the place... just not on my feeder.

These little piggies can clear out a suet cake in a couple hours...

These sparrows like to dig in the sandy dirt circling a young tree in my yard...

And there's just no stopping these guys:

They're lucky they're cute.

Are these fox squirrels?  Haven't figured out my squirrel types yet.


  1. Like the new blog look! Yes, I think those are fox squirrels. And hey, I recongize that suet feeder. I have the same one and *love* it. Sadly the starlings do too and sometimes I use a caged feeder I have to discourage them. Fun photos!

  2. I love the first Squirrel shot. Well done Jen. Great shot of the piggies as well. They are the same here in the UK - They'll clear a block in 2 days especially now as they are feeding young. 5 fat balls are only lasting a day. The piggies are going to bankrupt me!!!

  3. Love the sorrowful looking Flicker...nice shot Jen. Same problem here with the piggies but they are fun to watch!! FAB.


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