Ridgefield NWR 05-18-10

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday as late as possible without hitting rush hour traffic... Ended up staying till about 7:30 and saw lots of good birds... Not that there are bad birds.

In the first stretch of road the Yellow-headed Blackbirds were making a ruckus.. No sign of the Mallard ducklings I'd been seeing.

A beautiful Ruddy Duck..

This Marsh Wren had a lot to say.

The goldfinches really pop out at ya in the reeds..

I decided to walk the Kiwa Trail again.. It was way more active than my last visit..
What is this adorable bird???  It's driving me crazy! (Ah, thank you! It's a House Wren)

This Cedar Waxwing was perched right above my head.

I'm guessing this is a Yellow Warbler?

Common Yellowthroats were everywhere.

This next picture is something I've been seeing a bunch lately.. A raptor-type bird being chased off by a much smaller bird... In this case a Turkey Vulture and a Red-winged Blackbird..
Seems pretty bold.  I assume he's protecting a nest or something?  I'm curious why the vulture is actually able to be chased away by such a small bird...

It was cool to watch.. The vulture flew off pretty quickly and didn't even try to come back...

I don't see American Bitterns fly very often...

A Black-capped Chickadee...

Pretty little plant things.

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is but he's looking right at me!

Eek, so was this White-breasted Nuthatch... I'm starting to understand how the birds must feel.

It just wouldn't be a trip to Ridgefield without Bald Eagles.

Good trip!


  1. Hi Jen. Whow what a cracking day you had with so many fabulous sightings. The Marsh Wren with eyes closed and singing its heart out is priceless. Excellent series of images. FAB.

  2. Your mystery bird is a House Wren - they are adorable. I'm going to the Kiwa Trail on Monday and I hope to see as much as you see out there.

  3. I have never been on the Kiwa trail, and I can't wait to check it out soon. I am inspired!

  4. Great post Jen - I'd love to come over sometime for Bald Eagles. What a cracking raptor.


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