Ridgefield NWR 05-22-10

I took a trip up to Ridgefield this afternoon/evening despite the rain and hail..

I finally saw the Blue-winged Teal that is always posted on the recent sightings board.  So pretty...

A Wood Duck mama and her ducklings... They were very good at hiding in the grass.

I also saw one of the Mallard mamas and her ducklings... Only got bad pictures.

Look at this sad guy:
This adorable blackbird baby was sitting in the roadway looking confused.. 

A female Black-headed Grosbeak.

A Brown Creeper.

I really love this picture.

I saw this snipe and wasn't that interested till I noticed something else...

Two snipe babies!!  They were hard to photograph as the mama/papa snipe kept shuffling them further into the tall grass, but you can see their crazy coloring.

This raccoon was curled up cleaning himself... Maybe upset that he got wet in the rain?  He disappeared when I got distracted by some warblers.


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