Whitaker Ponds Natural Area (and more yard babies)

I decided to visit Whitaker Ponds this morning for the first time.. Wasn't sure if the weather would hold out but it did till the last 20 feet to the car.  I completely forgot where the Great Horned Owl nest was located after reading about it on the park's website, so no sightings of the young owl as I had hoped.  Great visit otherwise.

The walk around the pond only took me 40 minutes, including tons of time standing very still trying to get a picture of something.

My best guess so far is a female Western Tanager.. Another photo:

 I'm not quite sure which kind of hummingbird this is...

This Downy Woodpecker surprised me... He was only about ten feet away when I noticed him..

Then I surprised some Mallard ducklings..

Very sweet.

I came across a whole bunch of these cuties... I believe they're Bushtits.  Teeny tiny!

I had a lot of trouble getting one to keep still for a picture.

I am definitely heading back to the ponds soon to look for the owls! (If you're going there, this website tells you where they can be found).

This morning I had four young starlings causing a ruckus around the suet feeder..  They are such little pains!  Between feedings they just chase the older starlings around begging for food.  Still cute though.