Pond drama.

I took a quick trip to the pond near Heron Lakes golf course this morning to practice using my new camera...

There are at least half a dozen mallard families easily visible out on the pond...

After a little while a bald eagle flew in overhead... I was excited to see some action.

Unfortunately the action entailed a red-winged blackbird in hot pursuit...

Make that two red-winged blackbirds.

The eagle stands his ground in the tree and just acts annoyed with the blackbirds diving at him.

Two crows join the fuss.  They are ANGRY.   The next 40 minutes or so they are swooping in at the eagle, circling above, screaming their heads off.  The eagle does not budge.

Across the pond an osprey flies in...

I am seriously hoping his presence will further stir things up... But he loses interest in the pond drama after about 15 minutes and takes off.  

 The eagle is still stuck in the tree keeping his eye on the crows.  I watched for a full hour and though the eagle never budged, I never really understood if he was stuck there or chose to stay there.  Couldn't he win in a fight with the crows?  What was he waiting for?   Was he just tired?   So many questions...

Here's one more question... What is this:

I realize it's a blurry picture and hard to tell but any ideas would be appreciated!!!


  1. That pond looks like a great place to watch raptors! Your mystery bird looks like some kind of swallow--I would say Cliff Swallow, but its wings look a bit long for that. I hope someone more expert than me chimes in here!

  2. Jen, I'm pretty sure it's a juvenile Barn Swallow.


  3. Oh thank you guys! I could not figure out the coloring!


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