Ridgefield NWR 06-08-10

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday afternoon.. By the time I arrived the clouds had completely covered the sky.

I watched a couple of coots with their two babies for awhile...  They were pretty far away but still adorable.

But for once I saw a Redhead that wasn't far away!  Of course he flew off the second after I took this shot.

On the Kiwa Trail were the usual suspects... Cedar Waxwing, goldfinch, grosbeak..

These birds were all fine and dandy but the next ones really made my day (and probably my year).

A friendly new acquaintance at the refuge showed me where to find the Great Horned Owls and boy did we get lucky!! Well, except for the bad cloudy evening lighting..of course.

The parent owl was going to town on this dead bird... No idea what kind of bird though... There were two young owls also on the branch getting a bite every once in awhile. 

Eeek those are the funniest little furry owl legs on the left, and on the right note the bloody piece of bird in the owl's mouth.

They all flew down to the ground and out of sight eventually... but man was that a good show!!!

One other thing- On Sunday when it was pouring rain the female Black-headed Grosbeak returned to my neighbor's feeder and the male chose mine!  Yay... real birds.