Ridgefield NWR 06-18-10

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday around mid-day while it was still sunny. 

This female (or is it a young male?) yellow-headed blackbird was very busy catching mouthfuls of bugs:

You may have noticed that I never tire of bald eagles... Especially when they're in flight:

Or when fighting with a red-tailed hawk:

I managed a nice picture of a cedar waxwing..  I have yet to tire of them as well.

A black-capped chickadee.

The birds were just not getting along today!

I watched a pair of red-winged blackbirds in hot pursuit of a harrier...

They were still on her tail when I lost sight of them...

I returned home to find this bird waiting for me in my parking spot.. possibly eating a Fruit Loop:


  1. Looks like you are having fun with the new camera! Love all your posts!


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