Ridgefield NWR 06-22-10

I spent yesterday afternoon/evening at Ridgefield hoping to see some new things... That didn't really happen but I had fun nonetheless.

The bullfrogs were goin nuts (well, vocally) on the Kiwa Trail...

This heron was also goin nuts vocally... He kept relocating and acting really upset about it...

I was hoping to see the white pelican that had been hanging around the trail but no luck... For a second I thought this egret was the pelican...

This little guy was napping on the side of the trail... Not sure if he was suicidal or just tired but after I tossed a little twig near him he hopped into the grass..

I think this is a western wood-pewee but I'm not 100% sure...

Some young wood ducks were swimming in one of the ponds...

There were lots of dragonflies and butterflies and things like that out and about..

A little House Wren popped out of nowhere to this branch and then popped back into nowhere.

Nutria crossing...

Oh and I also saw a gazillion mosquitoes that pretty much ate me alive.  They even found the inch of skin between my jeans and my sneakers and went to town.   I have bites between my fingers.   I am definitely going to get some bug spray or something before my next trip!


  1. Pro Photo Supply in NW Ptld is having a Ridgefield NWR Photo contest--you should submit some photos. They have the info on their website.
    Thanks for the mosquito warning!

  2. Hi Jen, you're right about the Pewee. That vole is sure a cutie. Looks like you had another great day at the refuge.


  3. Ooh thanks for the info on the photo contest! And thanks for the verification on the pewee!


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