Ridgefield NWR 06-25-10

Well, I returned to Ridgefield this afternoon without any kind of bug deterrent.  You would think I learned my lesson on Tuesday but no, I'm covered in even more bites.  I'll just type between scratching.

First of all, cedar waxwings were everywhere I looked!  I mean, they're usually around but not to this extent...

The more the merrier!

Also around were lots of black-headed grosbeaks...

I took some pictures of some dragonflies even though I know nothing about them (or if they are even dragonflies). 

I've been seeing some owl pellets on the Kiwa Trail... At least that's what they look like to me..

I always pick them apart to look for bones and stuff.  This one was pretty moist so I tried not to touch it too much but I found a lot of fur and what looked like some bugs. 

Back in the wooded section of the Kiwa Trail was this hummingbird:
It looks like a rufous hummingbird to me though I'm not positive.  I have some other less clear pictures that might show better markings...

Lastly, this heron was out for a late afternoon stroll along the road...


  1. Jen, I really enjoy your blog. It's like getting a guided tour of the refuge. You are very good at finding interesting things.

    I was there too but I didn't arrive until about 5pm. I encountered a weasel. I almost stepped on it and a few minutes later it ran by me not more than 2 feet away.

    The upper bug is a damselfly and the lower one is a dragonfly. Both are beautiful. The pellet very well could be from an owl, or maybe a hawk.

    I wonder what that heron was thinking while looking at the signs. That's a photo looking for a clever caption. :)


  2. Hi Jen. Have just caught up after too long away. The new camera looks to be working very, very well...loved the shots of the Waxwings. Some cracking shots in the previous posts including the RW Blackbird and the images og the Great Horned Owlets are priceless.
    Keep them coming...FAB.


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