Westmoreland Park, Portland.

It was soooo nice out yesterday I decided to take Jake to a park I'd never been to... Originally I was going to visit Crystal Springs but I forgot that you have to pay now and decided to go down to Westmoreland instead.  It was a fun walk... It was nice to watch birds that aren't trying to run away for once...

What is this guy?  I've already made up several odd hybrid combos in my mind.  Ah, thank you, it's a Hooded Merganser...

There were quite a few human families as well as duck & goose families...
A sweet mother/daughter combo..

Sweet goose baby...or is it a toddler?

Same geese from the other side of the pond..

Some other youngins...

Jake didn't mind watching the geese either...

Argh... looking at these pictures makes the pouring rain today even more irritating!!


  1. Your "odd duck" is a Hooded Merganser....looks like a male who is in a serious state of molt. They get really ugly without the right feathers!

  2. Louie and I know this park very very well...he enjoys "bird watching" there also...but more like..."i wonder what that one would taste like?"


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