Force Lake, Columbia Slough, Bybee Lake.

Today was sooooo freakin nice out!  It's November and it should be cold and raining but it was sunny and about 70 degrees!  I decided to spend the afternoon checking out some of my favorite random spots...

There was quite a bit of activity at Force Lake!

Cackling Geese


                         Double-crested Cormorant

Hooded Merganser


The highlight at the lake for me were the Bonaparte's Gulls!   A new one for me...

Did I mention it was gorgeous out?  The trees are still soooo pretty...

Canvasbacks, Hooded Mergansers and a Mallard

A short walk down the road leads to some cool places to check out along Columbia Slough...  It's frog city over there right now...

 In the water were a handful of American Wigeons...

Next I headed to the Smith and Bybee Lake Wildlife Area.   Just as I was walking up to Bybee Lake I spotted three Bald Eagles... The younger one headed towards me and off into the trees.
 Out in the lake were lots of teals, shovelers, mergansers... and shorebirds!

I wasn't able to ID any of 'em.  Up next were some Common Mergansers doing some fishing... 

That was about it... what a great afternoon!


  1. YOU'RE jealous of my sighting???! Funny, I always think you see all the good stuff! Love those froggies.

  2. Looks like a beautiful day and birding on a weekday to boot.

  3. I paused as I began scrolling on your first photo and said, "gee, those geese look small." Then looked at the mallard and thought "cackling", then finally got the the caption and read "Cackling Geese." In the east we have to pick through hundreds of CAGO in hopes of finding one or two cackling, and it doesn't always happen. So I was pumped to see a rarity in common mode. And not just as a by the way, but the rest of your photos and the whole chronicle of the day, was great, when I finally got past a flock of cacklers.

  4. Wow, that was some outing! Those are some great birds and you captured them well. What state are you in?

  5. Thank you... I'm out in Oregon where we've had a suprisingly dry-ish fall so far (okay, not counting today!).

  6. Hey Jen and all you other bird lovers out there.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely images of the birds you photographed at Force Lake last fall.

    I have started a Friends of Force Lake group to clean up and restore the lake. You can learn more at our FaceBook site at:

    If you would like to join Friends of Force Lake, just e-mail us at:

    There are lots of Force Lake bird photos posted on the FaceBook page.


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