Ridgefield 11-02-10

I braved the fog this morning and headed to Ridgefield to see what I could find... I was hoping for the Barred Owl that was seen a few days ago, but no luck.  I found plenty of other things though...

This Peregrine flew right past me and up into a tree...

In the trees were quite a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets...

There were tons of hawks around... We had a few staring contests.

On the last leg of the route I came across five coyotes snacking in the fields... I got pretty close to a couple of 'em before they all took off...

I just love them.  Here are four of them running off.. The last one didn't seem as concerned about me.

That's it for today!


  1. Love the title of your blog.

    Ridgefield is the only place in Washington I've ever birded, and I have to say it was pretty rad. Great coyote shots!

  2. Good peregrine and red-tail photos. And someone who knows could probably ID the coyote's snack!


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