Morning bird action.

I wanted to spend the morning doing some local-ish birding so I headed to Harrington Road first.  It exceeded all of my expectations!

The first thing I found were some Acorn Woodpeckers mixed in with a flock of blackbirds... I lost them in the sea of birds, but quickly relocated them on a telephone pole.  There were 3 total.

Also near the woodpeckers were a couple of Eurasian Collared-Doves!  A first for me...

After half an hour of driving around the area I decided to take one last drive down the gravel part of Harrington Road... And that's where I found the Prairie Falcon!

Woohoo!  I was so thrilled to finally see him (her?)...

After my victory there I figured I would stop by Vanport before heading home... I am still a bit traumatized from my coyote encounter there so I was worried about walking the dogs down there again.  But when I arrived I saw the road from the golf course to PIR was actually open so I just drove in and parked on the gravel.  I checked the slough first and found just Mallards and one male Common Merganser.  Then I turned around....

Woohoo again!  I knew there was a Great Horned Owl nest somewhere but didn't know how I'd ever find it... Ha.

I walked the dogs down the road and easily found the Canvasbacks in the slough. 

Not bad for just a couple hours of birding this morning!


  1. Acorn Owls are a must for me in 2011. Actually the first 3 birds on this post would be lifers. :) Nice photos! I'm probably taking a break for a few weeks. Too cold here and more snow expected. Ugh! Keep posting so I can live surreptitiously through your posts. :) Thanks in advance.

  2. Awesome Great Horned Owl find! What time of day did you see it there? I might try to see it next weekend. Very cool!

  3. Hi Jen, what a productive you for you! Awesome findings and photos! I would love to see an Acorn Woodpecker, but we don't have them here in the Northeast.

  4. I was thrilled and I didnt even get to go along..OMG can you assemble a better group of birds? Dont think so!! Now you know where that nest is so it will be fun to see what comes outta there. The acorn WP is such a striking image..Great photography and great birding too!! What a day huh?

  5. You'll have to keep an eye on that owl nest and keep posting photos for us! I can't wait to see some babies.

  6. That Acorn Woodpecker is a beauty, Jen. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  7. I saw the Acorn Woodpeckers along Harrington yesterday afternoon. Struck out on the Prairie Falcon again. Nice job!


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