Sauvie Island.

I went over to Sauvie Island yesterday morning to look at some sparrows on Rentenaar Road.  I had initially planned on walking the dogs while there, but it was just too damn cold for me.  Maybe with a second pair of gloves and socks... Speaking of, can anyone recommend some decent gloves?? 

Anyway... I found oodles of White-crowned Sparrows:

Seriously.  Oodles. 

I think there's eleven in that photo.  And one more, because he posed so nicely for me:

I also found my first Lincoln's Sparrow of the year....

A bunch of Sandhill Cranes flew in while I was there too. 

I don't usually get to be so close to so many.. It was nice.

Good times!


  1. They're beautiful aren't they? Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. I wish I could find some Sandhill Cranes around here. Maybe that will be a goal for this year.

  3. Good birding, as usual. I'm still jealous of your Short-eared :-)

    Obviously, I had no such luck at Broughton Beach, but I'll be back!

  4. WOW...there is a sparrow on every briar!!! Ive never seen a sandhill crane or any crane for that matter so Im like green with envy and that little Lincoln is another I dont have on my life list ---YET
    Happy Birding!!!!

  5. Nice! I have yet to see a Sandhill. Maybe when I go to Texas.

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  7. Great photos of the white crowned. Also very jealous of the Sandhill Cranes. Seen them but never photographed them.

  8. Wow, can't believe there were so many White-crowned in one place Jen! Awesome! Lovely pose by that one fellow! It's always a treat to spot a Lincoln's, too! And what can I say about the Sandhills? I'm amazed they let you get so 'close' to them. Looks like you had an awesome day at Sauvie! Good stuff!


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