Wintler Park, Vancouver.

I made another attempt at finding the mysterious Tufted Duck yesterday morning... I figured the park directly across the river from Broughton Beach might be a good place to check.  It was indeed a great park!  Small parking area surrounded by lots of trees and brush just filled with birds!  Thrushes and kinglets and chickadees and finches... And in the river, scaup after scaup.... By the hundreds.

I didn't find the Tufted.  I found one scoter but the photos are too bad to bother sharing.  The only cooperative birds were these Barrow's Goldeneyes:

I gotta get back there soon!  If you haven't been there, I definitely recommend it a visit to this dog-friendly and bird-filled park!


  1. They're worth looking at; good job. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  2. Great of the Barrow's Goldeneyes. Sorry you missed the Tufted Duck.

  3. You got some neat photos of the Barrows's Goldeneyes. Seeing those in the Northeast is always a big deal but checking iBird Explorer Pro they are at home where you are. Good luck with finding the Tufted Duck!

  4. sounds like bird heaven! I really enjoyed the photos especially the one with everyone in a row swimming away--You have determination so I know you gonna find that Tufted Duck!

  5. Hi Jen. Super shots of the Barrow's ... I've only ever seen these in a collection.

    I'll ask a few of our Tufties to fly over to make your search easier .. good luck with the search. FAB.

  6. Nice pics Jen. I checked out Wintler Park this afternoon and saw one of the Barrow's. New bird for me. Thanks!


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