Another snow day...

Surprise surprise, we actually got snow!  I was hoping something interesting might turn up at the feeder this morning and it did! 

Yes that is a Song Sparrow and yes it's extremely common and yes it was the first time one showed up at my feeder! 

This prompted me to start a new yard list for 2011.  I've got high hopes for this year... Last year the most exciting birds I had were a pair of Black-headed Grosbeaks that showed up during downpours twice in the spring.

Anyway, the rest of my visitors this morning were regulars...

There was a lot of flicker vs. starling action at the suet feeder...

Good times!


  1. You have wonderful yard birds. Congrats on your new yard bird. I am always seeing the Song Sparrow and I am wishing it was another kind of sparrow for a change. Love the shots of the flciker.

  2. I feel they way that flicker looks in the last photo about starlings too. Darn starlings! Nice yard pics!

  3. Very cool flickers! I hear them, but I've never had one at my feeder. I suspect the snow may bring more birds to feeders--do you find this to be the case?

  4. Ya know that last flicker is a hybrid between red and yellow shafted. You may have posted that before...can't remember. He's got the red on the back of the head which red shafteds don't have. Hot!

  5. Super cool flicker hybrid! I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for one.

  6. Super shots congrats on the Song Sparrow!

  7. I really loved the colors on the Finch.

  8. Oh wow I hadn't even noticed the flicker was a hybrid! Thanks for pointing that out!


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