Fernhill Wetlands.

I figured that since the dogs were tired from an early morning trip to the Sandy River Delta, then it was the perfect afternoon to leave them home and visit Fernhill Wetlands.  I did not check the weather so I was pretty surprised by the incredible winds.  At least it didn't rain...

The wind made some decent waves in the ponds... 

I could hear Killdeer along the Dabblers Marsh Trail... A Red-tailed Hawk scared up a couple so I could see them too.

Also along that trail were Mourning Doves and Eurasian-collared Doves. 

I was hoping to see the reported Swamp Sparrow so I spent quite a bit of time making an ass of myself attempting to pish near where I thought he should be... All I got were half a dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers looking at me like I was crazy.

I was about to move on when a Green Heron flew out from the nearby creek...

Woohoo that was another bird I'd been hoping to see there!  Luckily I found him again later for some more photos...

It was a good afternoon despite the wind!  I just read there have been 40-50 mph winds reported for the area...  That explains why my doormat is MIA.


  1. Nice flight shots of the Collared-Dove and the Green Heron!


  2. That looked to be a cutting wind--
    Love the action shots the green heron is terrific!

  3. Nice pictures of the green heron, especially in flight. I'll have one tomorrow that I saw in Florida but didn't see flying. And the Killdeer shot was great, too!

  4. That outlook looks pretty exposed Jen ... trust you were well wrapped up!
    The Green Heron in flight with its toes trailing is a cool shot ... probably worth cropping. How long have you had Eurasian Collared Doves way over on the west coast?

  5. Looks like the same Heron I saw there recently. Nice shots! Quick reactions on the flight shots!


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