Rentenaar Road & Ridgefield NWR

I decided to brave the rain yesterday and find myself some birds... In the morning I walked the dogs along Rentenaar Road looking for interesting sparrows. 

Unfortunately I didn't find any.   Mostly White-crowned at one end of the road, and Golden-crowned at the other.  Song Sparrows throughout.  There were lots of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese on the move though...

When I first arrived a Bald Eagle flew in and perched in a tree near the end of the road..  I kinda felt like he was watching over me because he sat there for the whole hour and a half I was there, and flew off only when I was on my way out. 

I also want to mention the complete douchebag of a hunter that was shooting RIGHT next to Rentenaar Road.  I know it's a hunting area around the road, but I watched a bird drop from the sky directly above the road and actually land on the other side of the road from where it got shot.  I saw him looking for the bird when I was driving out but I don't think he ever found it.   Idiot.

Anyway.  I saw the weather was clearing up a bit in the afternoon so I drove up to Ridgefield to hopefully see some more birds...

My first Cinnamon Teal of the year....

Definitely one of my favorite birds.  It started pouring rain around this time so I didn't manage many good shots, but I did see some good stuff. 

Of course I manage to find a Great Horned Owl when I have the worst lighting and weather possible!  He kept moving around trying to shield himself from the downpour...

There seemed to be lots of Ring-necked Ducks around.

That was about it for my rainy day of birding! 


  1. Good post Jen - How i would love to walk down the road and see Song, White Crowned and Golden Crowned Sparrows. Only House and Tree over here :-(

  2. Hi Jen. For a rainy day you had some excellent sightings.

  3. WOW you are the BERRIES!! what a line up--that Eagle shot is Awesome..not to mention the GH Owl--and I hear ya about the hunters I DESPISE That so called Hobby--its murder to me. You're dedication is to be envied!

  4. I'd be curious to know if the eagle would be seen again on a future visit. It might indicate the presence of a nearby nest.


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