Ridgefield NWR 02-25-11

I spent a couple hours this afternoon at Ridgefield sorta hoping I might stumble across the Barnacle Goose, but no luck there...  Found some other good birds though.

First off there were tons of hawks around....

All Red-taileds from what I could tell. 

I think I finally found the Harlan's too- and then took really really terrible photos of it!

Near the marshy area where the snipe flock hangs out were a couple of snipe very close to the road....

That was rad.  Towards the end of the loop I heard some rustling in a bush... I drove up a bit and saw a Fox Sparrow digging up leaves and making a mess.  

Pretty cute!  That was about it for the afternoon...  Good times!


  1. Wonderfil biridng outing. I love the hawks and the sparrow. And the Snipe is my favorite. Awesome photos.

  2. love the first image Jen, well done.

  3. another great line up of Birds...I love to watch the little fox sparrows I can almost hear a mariachi band in the background!

  4. I was at RNWR that same afternoon. Saw the snipe along the road. I accidentally flushed a bunch as I drove up, then waited as a few came back.
    Did you see the guy standing up through the sunroof in his truck taking pictures?


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