Woohoo it's snowing!!  Well, it was for over an hour at  least... I think it's raining now.  Anyhow, it always makes me a little giddy.  I took this snowy opportunity to watch my feeders for a bit, which I haven't done much this winter...

Black-capped Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco

You can't tell that it's snowing in most photos but I swear it was!

Dark-eyed Junco

 House Finch

European Starling

Northern Flicker

 Northern Flicker

 House Sparrow

Add some warm lemon-blueberry bread fresh from the oven and some hot coffee and you have the perfect winter morning!


  1. Ooooh, I like that flicker! But please, keep the snow down there. People in the Seattle area can't drive in it. :)

  2. Hiya Jen,

    Yes, me too like that flicker. Looks like a kind of woodpecker?
    And the background tree for the starling , is that a contorted willow or hazel?

  3. I took some feeder pics this morning too. I'll have to review them and post something soon. Love the new header by the way!

  4. Nice photos- I must have missed the snow today, but we had ice on the porch tonight.

  5. I agree with the other commenters, those flicker shots, especially the first one, are beautiful! Birds and lemon blueberry bread, can't beat that.... :)

  6. Love the flickr!! Its nice to have a snow day!

  7. Fantastic shots of your yardbirds.

  8. As I'm sure you are aware, your Junco's look different then ours in Massachusetts. Is that the Oregon species of Junco?


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