Newport, OR.

I spent the day in Newport checking out the grebes and scoters and loons and such... I had remarkable luck and took way more photos that I've taken on a day trip in a loooonng time!  I headed straight to the South Jetty...

...and was rewarded with a Pigeon Guillemot!

I saw a LOT of Common Loons today in various stages of molt... This fella had a snack:

At the Hatfield Marine Science Center, a Western Gull chose the salad for breakfast.

I walked the nearby Newport fishing pier and found some great birds...

Another Common Loon but super close up!  Those red eyes really pop!

At one point I stopped to take a (terrible) photo of a cormorant perched on the bridge- I looked down and there were two Harlequin Ducks directly below me!

After that I headed over to the bayfront and walked around one of the docks.  There were a bunch of Mew Gulls bobbing around...

There were quite a few Surf Scoters around, many of which seemed to be first winter males:

Of course there were some ladies also...

There was a lone White-winged Scoter hanging around also...

There were a variety of grebes represented including my first Clark's Grebe for 2011:

Other grebes included a Western Grebe... Eared Grebe...

...and of course some Horned Grebes.

Now for the highlight of my day... A Common Loon in full on breeding plumage!!!

So awesome!!

Now that was a perfect trip!!


  1. Great shots! The bay harbor is one of my favs.

  2. That loon is excellent. It's really exciting when you see them so far along in their molt - it's enough to convince you that they really ARE that cool yodeling bird of the north after all!

  3. Great pictures send some of them down to me. Looks like spring has sprung at your place.

  4. What a trip!! Thats one super loon shot--love to see that black head and the Polka DOTS--excellent bunch of grebes--so cool to see the tuft behind the eye on that eared Grebe--

  5. What a great day you had! I love the Loons. We have to travel a little further north to the Adirondacks to catch a glimpse of them.

  6. I'm just starting to try and identify gulls- that Mew Gull is beautiful.


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