Ridgefield NWR/ Yard birds

I went up to Ridgefield before work yesterday morning... It was a bit rainy and gross so I didn't get a ton of great photos, but here are a few I liked:

Western Scrub-Jay

 Coot army

American Kestrel

On a different note, my yard has been attracting some new birds... I recently added Brewer's Blackbirds to the list...

 And just a few minutes ago I got my first Bushtits... A whole flock has been mobbing the suet.  Yay!

One week ago today I hung a hummingbird feeder for the first time ever.  Yesterday when I got home from Ridgefield there was a hummer on it!  I ran inside to get a better view from a window but it was gone... Hopefully it will return soon!

Ah, just after I typed that I found one had returned....

I'm assuming it's an Anna's Hummingbird but let me know if that's wrong... I'm new to these guys!


  1. Love the Kestrel...and the coots. I saw some coots today...alas they were too far away for a good shot. Have you seen their feet? Strangest looking things :)

  2. I'm pretty sure it is a female Anna's. We have males around here all year round. Enjoy them- they are awesome to watch!

  3. Definitely a female Anna's. You'll know Rufous when you see her by the orange tones on her tail, sides, and even face.

    Nice blogging, as always.

  4. Wow, how cool to see a hummer already. Great sighting. I loved all the coots, they are neat looking. You sure do have a lot of bushtits, they are sweet looking birds. The Kestrel photo is awesome.

  5. I love the Kestrel... very nice colors. Hummingbirds are back in Virginia too. I am putting out the feeder tomorrow.

  6. Awesome that the hummer found your feeder so fast! I find that they really like fresh nectar and I change mine religiously every week to keep it fresh. That makes them loyal to my feeder :)Hope you see a Rufous soon...I haven't seen one yet this year.

  7. Those are some beautiful pictures. I love the post.

  8. Great photos as always. I wanted to echo NW Nature Nut's comment on keeping hummingbird nectar fresh. Sugar water can either ferment or grow mold very quickly, and both are toxic to hummers. I just fill my feeders half full, since they never drain them before it is time to clean them.

  9. Lovely! I really like how close-up they are :)

    Bella Skye


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