Weekend birds.

I managed to get out quite a bit this weekend despite the weather.  Yesterday I went to Ridgefield where the weather was rather nice most of the time. 

There were two Great Horned Owls near where I saw them on Monday.  Here's one:

Down the road were some Killdeer calling, including one that was rather tolerant of me. 

A Bald Eagle was perched in the wooded area...

Tree Swallows were all over the place.  And on these branches.

On the way home I stopped at Vancouver Lake Park to walk the dogs.  In the field across the street were Sandhill Cranes pretty close to the road...

Today I took the dogs for a very wet and muddy walk around Virginia Lake on Sauvie Island.  It was raining too much to really take my camera out, but it was a nice walk regardless.  On Reeder Road there were some Snow Geese in a field close to the road.  I don't think I have ever seen them so close up.

This afternoon it seemed to dry out so I headed to Westmoreland Park.  Unfortunately it started to downpour after about 20 minutes, but that was okay.

Western Gull

 California Gull

Herring Gull

This next gull stood out because it was so light in color, but I don't usually attempt to ID the younger gulls... I would guess a light Glaucous-winged or maybe a hybrid...

There was an interesting goose battle going on at one point.  There was a chase and a lot of talk and then some more talk and then everything seemed settled.

The trees and bushes were all starting to bloom.... Woohoo hello spring!



  1. Great photos as always. I wonder if your Herring Gull might actually be a Thayer's. The head is very round, the eye is fairly dark, and the bill is darker yellow on the tip, all suggesting Thayer's. Female Herrings can look like this bird, but I would expect the eye to be paler. Gulls, gotta love 'em.

  2. Jen-I so enjoy your blog and your pictures are always fantastic. I am just beginning to travel to see birds with my constant canine companion. He is a rescue with separation anxiety. Can you recommend places to go where both of us will be welcome? The Ridgefield website says no pets but are they OK in the car as you drive through? Thanks!

  3. @John- I had actually followed that gull around thinking it might be a Thayer's but when I got home I wasn't sure.. I thought the eye seemed pretty light and the bill too big. I would be psyched if it is in fact a Thayer's!

    @Ginny- Thanks, yeah having a dog with you can be tough but there are tons of places they are welcome. Ridgefield is ok as long as they stay in the car (I see lots of other folks with dogs), Vancouver Lake Park is okay November through March, the bike path along the Columbia River from Broughton Beach to the west is good, Oaks Bottom Wildlife area, Sauvie Island is good most places though not the Bybee-Howell park, Hoyt Arboretum, Forest Park, Washington Park, the Sandy Rive Delta... That's just a few!

  4. Love the Eagle shot! The tree loaded with swallows was really pretty. They are so blue in comparison to the wintery branches.

  5. Nice snow goose and cranes. Wow! I can't believe you are already blooming spring colors. Soooooooooooooo jealous!

  6. I cant beleive that see so many owls--I'm lucky to barely see one swish by....let alone light and stand on a branch--awesome!!
    LOVING the cranes snow geese eagle and the GULLS too of course,.Good to see spring has arrived for you there-


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