Beech Forest Trail, Provincetown, MA.

While on the Cape my parents and I also visited the Beech Forest Trail a couple of times.  It's a well-known spot for spring migrants and we definitely saw some good birds.  It was pretty too.

There was lots of seed tossed on the ground which is probably why the chickadees were such terrible beggars.  They followed us along the entirety of the trail chirping in our ears and swooping by our heads. 

The Red-breasted Nuthatches didn't beg but certainly enjoyed the free seed.

The squirrels did too.

I didn't see nearly as many warblers as I had hoped but I did see my first Black-throated Green Warbler:

And my first Summer Tanager!  Not.  Apparently it's a Scarlet Tanager...  Wish it had been a male, but I'll take it...

In the pond near the parking area was a yellowlegs, and it seems to be a Lesser?  Nope, it's a Solitary Sandpiper.

On our second visit to we ended up following some turkeys on the trail...

A cardinal watched us closely while his lady friend kept some distance...

I saw my first Eastern Kingbird but the bugger did not want his photo taken... I tried anyway...

There were a couple of sets of goslings in one of the ponds and they seemed rather curious about us.  I am guessing people feed them sometimes...

More good times!


  1. I love birding Mass! I have family there so I always bird as much as possible when I visit. Im glad you had a good trip. Wellfleet is awesome, one of the few places Ive been on the cape. Unpretentiously, I think the tanager is a Scarlet and the tringid is a Solitary Sandpiper.

  2. thats a beautiful trail--you had to walk the squirrel guantlet eh? lol
    Awesome Black Throated Green--wow!!
    Congrats on the Tanager--that yellowlegs it out to the
    I bet your parents are enjoying getting out there and getting the birders bug too!!

  3. @Steve- oh man I knew that yellowlegs looked funny... The tanager drove me nuts too. I will take your word on the ID's... Thank you, always appreciated!!!

  4. I've seen Cardinals on two separate trips to Atlanta, but wasn't able to get close enough to get a decent pic. Nice job!


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