Camassia Natural Area.

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and quite warm so I decided to visit somewhere new for me, Camassia Natural Area in West Linn.  There were tons of flowers in bloom which may be why I feel an onslaught of allergies...

The place is definitely birdy though I wasn't always able to locate the birds, sometimes because I was trying not to wander into poison oak, and sometimes because the sun was frying my brain.  Vireos were definitely the most common bird I saw... I think they were all Warbling Vireos...

I also saw my first Western Wood-Pewee of the year:

Handsome devil!  A Turkey Vulture flew low over my head...

Most of the warblers I saw were Yellow-rumped but there were definitely lots of birds I didn't see... Towards the end of the loop trail I heard a squeaking sound in the low shrubs and thought I caught sight of a little vole or something.  Suddenly it paused in a somewhat clear area and I realized it was a baby bird!

I'm guessing it's a baby Pacific Wren but I suppose it could maybe be a House Wren or something?  Anyway, it's adorable. 

That was about it for my afternoon but I definitely want to visit again maybe early in the morning, and not when the high school next door is being let out....


  1. Beautiful flower mosaic and the flight shot of the vulture really stands out! I don't believe I have a shot of a Vireo--nice catches! I'm impressed with the variety of places you go to find your birds and critters! I know where to come on the web if I ever want to discover good local areas.

  2. Shame when the beauty of the flowers sends you diving for the tissues!

    Great series of shots, and plenty of birds despite the poison oak!

  3. I haven't been to Camassia Natural area...your post made me want to go! Love the baby bird pic!


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