Kelley Point Park.

I took the dogs for a walk at Kelley Point Park this afternoon in between rain and hail storms.  At first things didn't seem too birdy, but I ended up seeing lots of cool stuff.  It was feeding time for some young House Finches...

Right next to the restroom were these pretty bleeding hearts:

A Western Wood-Pewee landed on a branch close to us and we checked each other out.

I had heard an Osprey calling and thought I saw it land in a tree nearby... I took a few steps and suddenly there he was right in front of us. 

He was having a nice afternoon fish snack. 

Yummy... One more shot of this fella:

A Red-breasted Sapsucker was flying from tree to tree along the Columbia, sometimes whizzing right over my head...

This last bird was also having a delicious afternoon snack...

Mmmmmmmmmmm worm ball!  Good times and good dogs!


  1. Those house finches are adorable. The robin's wormball? Not so much. She must have a bunch of kids to feed!

  2. Wonderful images! Love the feeding finches. I've never seen a Red-breasted Sapsucker before ... handsome bird! Oh my, looks like some robin youngsters are in for a wormy treat. Terrific post!

  3. Jen, cute shot of the finches, and the the osprey are awesome photos. My favorite is the Sapsucker. What a gorgeous looking bird. Great photos and post.

  4. LOL! Worm ball, I love it.

  5. I have never seen such a mouth full of WORMS yuk-
    X-salant fotogs--that Finch Parent looks like hell, like he is about to fall over exhausted!!
    Double Wow on the Osprey and the Sapsucker and great find of the Peewee and is that bleeding heart wild in your area? amazing!


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