Ridgefield NWR 05-16-11

I went up to Ridgefield this morning for the first time in about two weeks and wow, what a difference...  The place is oozing with migrants, though amazingly I didn't see a single flycatcher.  The first thing I noticed upon pulling in was the new nest gourd things...

I only saw a couple Tree Swallows around them while I was there, but hopefully some Purple Martins are moving in too. 

In the lake on the left side of the road with all the logs I saw some kind of shorebird hopping around.  It looks like a Spotted Sandpiper (but I could be wrong!):

A Ruddy Duck was swimming nearby...

And then there were the warblers... I saw TONS of Yellow Warblers...

And my first Wilson's Warbler!

There were quite a few Orange-crowneds....

And even more Common Yellowthroats...

And lastly there were some Townsend's Warblers on the Kiwa Trail....

It was a 6-warbler morning if you add the Yellow-rumpeds!  I also, for the first time, actually saw a Wood Duck standing in a tree.  I know it's not that uncommon, but I had somehow never seen it...

Marsh Wrens and House Wrens made a racket on the Kiwa Trail.

I made a new friend on the trail.  I named him bunny.  I almost stepped on him while I was looking for warblers. 

Towards the end of the Kiwa I saw my first Black-headed Grosbeak of the year...

On my second lap of the auto tour I found a male as well...

Oh geez, and I haven't even gotten to the Western Tanagers yet!  They were all over! 

Oh and one more!  Cedar Waxwings are back!  They are one of my favorites...

Unfortunately they flew off after just a few seconds, but I know there will be many more opportunities to watch them now that they're here...

Awesome birds today!!!


  1. Cool trip. So many birds that I've never seen. Need to plan a trip to the Northwest. Great beer and beautiful birds. What's keepin me? Nice photos Jen.

  2. Great birding, Jen!

    1. Most definitely a Spotted Sandpiper.

    2. Killer Western Tanager photos!

    3. Was the Wilson's a life bird for you? You should be able to add it to your yard list too as they're thick in Portland right now. Look closely for it in the yard!

  3. Wow, what a great place for birding and you had a great day too. I love all the warblers and the Western Tanager is my favorite. Congrats on the Wilson's. Wonderful photos, Jen!

  4. Hey there, I like your new banner of the nuthatch! Great photos! And I loved your choice of a name for the bunny! Glad you saw your Wilson's.

  5. Swwweeeeeet series of captures! I envy the Western tanager, never seen one. I also get a kick out of the wood duck in the tree: So Wood duckish!

  6. White supercillium, very short tail, yellow legs - good for a Spotted Sand Jen

  7. Another great entry, Jen. Keep up your awesome work.

  8. Im gonna start calling you the
    Bird Whisperer! OMG so many species and some awesome photos..I love the Western tanager-

  9. 6 warblers!? Awesome! And bunny is oh so cute!

  10. Oh ya, and I *love* the new header pic!

  11. What a glorious day of birding! So many beautiful, colorful birds. Congratulations on the Wilson's Warbler sighting. I love their little black caps. Awesome Western Tanager ... all the images are wonderful!

  12. Great pics Jen! Nice assortment of warblers. The tanagers are just thick this year, aren't they.


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