Ridgefield NWR 05-23-11

It was another beautiful day at the refuge yesterday... Not quite as many birds as last week but definitely a lot of good ones!

On the Kiwa Trail I finally got some close looks at a Wilson's Warbler...

He was a peppy little fella.  As was this House Wren...

And then he caught a bug!

The trail was brimming with Soras and Virginia Rails.. They were a bit camera shy...

I've seen snipe perched in a lot of places on the refuge, but on this bridge was a first...

This grosbeak appeared to be gathering nest materials...

On the trail I came across a very nice older couple, and the lady mentioned she saw some "wild canaries" at the beginning of the trail.  Was she crazy?  Was she referring to goldfinches?  Tanagers?  Warblers?  I just said "oh wow" and left it at that....

Back on the auto route I saw what I thought were crows at first, but then one started calling and I realized they were ravens!  My first ever at Ridgefield.

I saw one was eating something but didn't realize what it was till I saw this fuzzy photo...

I don't know how many birds lay blue eggs, but with all the robins in the area I'm guessing that's what it was...  Pretty cool to see some nature in action.

Lastly, it was fun to watch the Cinnamon Teals doing their courtship head-bobbing...

They look so psyched!

Good birds!!


  1. A reminder to engage in the best conversation.

  2. Cinamon teal...awesome! Never seen one. Jealous.

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  4. I love the Wilson's Warbler and the teals. Makes me want to go out right now and take some pictures.

  5. Yeah dude. "Wild canary" is old people speak for American Goldfinch.

  6. Ravens are awesome! My son describes their tails as shaped like "home plate".

  7. Super cool photo of the raven eating the robin egg!

  8. You are such an inspiration!! Lovely shots of the Teal--that eye is like a red bead--great Shot of the Wilsons too!! and a snipe up out of the grass what a treat. OH the egg--poor thing, well last yr here in our yard a crow swooped down and grabbed a just fledged Blue Jay...and flew away with it in his beak...the adults gave chase but he was long gone!!

  9. Another awesome day of birding, Jen! I would love to be on a trail brimming with Sora's and Rails. Lucky you! Great shots of the Wilson's Warbler and the wren. The Teal is great too, fantastic birds and photos. I just love visiting your blog and seeing all hese great birds.


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