Yard birds.

Don't get too excited, my yard birds are pretty lame lately... But sometimes they do funny stuff.  My neighbors are slobs and never tie up their trash bags so the birds often go to town making a mess.  This morning this crow was stoked to find a half-eaten bag of Cheetos...  I have named him Cheeto Bandito.

And then there are the young starlings that are so bratty and annoying it's awesome...

That's what you get for having kids!


  1. I love the photos of the crows and baby Starlings -- as a city dweller I've spent a lot of time observing them myself. Thanks.

  2. Great captures, Jen! I love the Cheeto bandito and the starlings with their mouths all open.

  3. Cheetos!!! I luv Cheetos. Fun pics. Birds in action.

  4. I detest baby starlings and their noise....BUT I LOVE the Cheeto Bandito! You should sell those photos to Cheetos!

  5. My Favorite junk food!!! Cheeto Bandito--IS so perfect the caption for this one...X-cellent photo!!
    OH the whinning kids wah wah wah..

  6. Great photos Jen. It's nice to see birds captured in those unusual moments that not everyone will get to see.

  7. I like the contrast of the orange cheeto and the black crow!

  8. In defense of Starlings! What a great photo. It looks like the Mom has an Exedrin headache doesn't it?



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