Cannon Beach.

I took the dogs to Cannon Beach yesterday to look for the Tufted Puffins on Haystack Rock.  I saw quite a few flying around, but not a single one sitting on the rock.

Brown Pelicans and Pigeon Guillemots were also around Haystack Rock...

Also, lots of Common Murres...

And lastly, a rock covered with Pelagic Cormorants (oops, they're Brandt's Cormorants!):

Good times!


  1. Is that blue sky? Wow! You lucked out, sounds like a fun day. I bet your dogs loved it!

  2. Great day for the beach! I am a complete novice then it comes to shorebirds. I'll be heading there later in the summer, I need to study!

  3. OH good ONES! I like seeing the Puffin flying almost always the photos I see they are sitting..SO this is a rare treat for me. Saw Puffins only once when I visited Alaska--Long ago!

  4. Looks like a great spot to revisit.

  5. What a fantastic spot, I would love to see those puffins. They are so cute.

  6. Oh, oh. I see only Brandt's Cormorants in that last photo. Though I am sure there were also plenty of Pelagic Cormorants on your trip, as well.


  7. I love the puffin photos. They really show the longer wings and rounded wing tips of these birds. They are very differently shaped than the very pointed wings of Common Murres, for instance.

  8. Thanks, Greg!! I didn't look too closely at them, but now I see you are right!

  9. Oh cool, lucky you. I just got back from Bandon and struck out on Puffins.


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