Force Lake, etc.

I spent an hour this morning wandering around Force Lake and the road to Vanport Wetlands... Nothing new, but good stuff nonetheless...

There were tons of Western Wood-Pewees everywhere...

Starlings were loud as hell and trying to take over.

This slug was pretty rad:

A Song Sparrow seemed very interested in me.

The bird of the day was definitely the Cedar Waxwing.  There were a couple flying around very low next to the slough between Vanport and the racetrack.  When a guy came by with his adorable 6-month old mastiff they were still flying around near me.  I was stoked.

They are just SO cool-looking.   And lastly, a pretty little Anna's Hummingbird was zipping around the lake...

Good stuff... I hope to get out a lot this weekend with the weather FINALLY supposedly warming up!  The east coast has been complaining it's a 100 degrees while here it's been raining and 55...  Neither sounds very good to me!  Where's 70 degrees and sunny, huh???


  1. Beautiful birds and photos, Jen! The Waxwings are beautiful birds and I love the hummer. The shot of the slug is really cool. Wonderful images, jen!

  2. Gorgeous cedar waxwing photos!

  3. Amazing capture of the Anna's. I had about 50 waxwings flying around me on Plum Island on Saturday. One of my favs. I probably say that about 40 different birds though. :)

  4. I hear that San Deigo has the perfect weather year round, but I have to wonder~ is the perfect weather out there--WOW cant get any better birds than what you posted here! Excelllent!!!


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