Force Lake, etc.

I went over to Force Lake for a bit this morning...  The Mallard ducklings have grown quite a bit since my last visit, but there's a fresh batch of cuteness too...

Apparently these guys have two moms.  An Osprey flew overhead and landed on a branch to eat a big ole fish. 

I walked over to see if I could get a better view...

Not sure it was a better view, but bloodier for sure.  It just wouldn't be a real trip without a mystery empid, right?  This little fella was flitting around so much I thought it was a lost kinglet at first, but once it sat still I realized it was a flycatcher. 

It seemed too small and pale for a Wood-Pewee which is the only flycatcher I had seen at the lake before.  It's got that big beak so I was leaning towards Willow.  Unfortunately it was dead silent.  Thoughts?

I walked over to the slough by the racetrack and found a Wood Duck mama with two ducklings.  Pretty cute, but only bad photos...

In the trees by the slough were a few Red-breasted Nuthatches hopping around, including at least one young one!

So freakin cute.  That was about it... Good stuff!


  1. You nailed the ID, Jen--Willow Flycatcher!

    The first photo, showing the large pale underside of the bill and short primary extension is the best photo for ID. The thin, incomplete eyering adds to the ID, as does the brownish-olive color--drabber than other Empids.

  2. I'll give a third agreement to your Greg's identification of the Willow Flycatcher - the bill shape and size relative to the head size fits perfectly.

  3. The picture with the fish is so awesome! Actually, all of your pictures are awesome.

  4. Wonderful series from your outing, Jen! The ducklings are still cute and I love shot looking up at the Osprey. And the juvie nuthatch is just adorable. Not sure about the Flycatcher id, have you looked at a Pacific-slope Flycatcher and the Willow? I enjoyed your post and photos.

  5. The nuthatch is hilarious looking. I like the weird angle on the Osprey as well. Totally a Willow.

  6. Ive never seen a Young Wood Duck..WOW thats super! Love that osprey shot too!! Im no expert but I agree its a Willow just from comparing it with the Book!

  7. I sure couldn't help you with the flycatcher! I love the shot of the juvenile nuthatch!

  8. I love that shot of the Osprey from below!


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