Force Lake.

I had a bit of free time before work yesterday so I headed over to Force Lake and was surprised by all the great stuff I saw...  First off, a Bullock's Oriole!

A Black-headed Grosbeak was singing its heart out (well, until I stumbled out some blackberry bushes and he stopped).

A Yellow Warbler was flitting around the bushes along the lake.

My shoelace caught on a blackberry thorn so I bent down to tie it and came face to tail with a baby bunny.  So cute...

When I stood up again the oriole had landed in the willows near me to preen or something like that...

There are baby swallows everywhere now. I think these guys are Cliff Swallows:

And a Tree Swallow:

A pair of Osprey flew in at one point...

I never get sick of watching these guys...

People have asked me how this whole birding thing started, and although there are probably tons of birds, dogs, and circumstances to blame, I think I can mostly blame (thank?) an Osprey at Kelley Point Park.  So yeah, they're kind of special to me, which makes this next bit of news even sweeter... I found out a photo I took of an Osprey during Birdathon won "Best Birdathon Photo"!!!  I was seriously shocked and totally stoked!  I posted the photo in my Birdathon post last month, but here it is again...



  1. Well congrats and well deserved too! Its a terrific photo!!!
    ALL in your post today are terrific love the Oriole-AND the Grosbeak and the Raggie so cute..Good thing you got hung up in the brambles...

  2. JENFTW! Cool ospr shot, obvi. I think it was actually ducks that got me into bordomg...which seems kind of weird now, but it is what it is.

  3. Congrats Jen, the Osprey shot is a winner. Love all your birdie shot, the Orioles and the Black headed Grosbeaks are some of my favorites.

  4. Next year you have to come and sit at our table at the Birdathon Banquet. That is, if Birdathon tempts you again :) Great shot, great day!
    Nice to bump into you this morning and I hope you got some good shots of stuff. We saw tons of bunnies!

  5. Some great birds you are seeing-I especially enjoyed your action shots of the Osprey!

  6. Great pics Jen. Nice Bullock's, I've only seen one last spring.


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