I just returned from a weekend at my friend's house outside of Philly where I did not do any birding whatsoever.  BUT, I did see this one bird hanging outside the ATM we stopped at:

I figure it's a young something or other... That's about all I got.

Also, there was this badass spider living in my friend's yard:

That's all!


  1. looks like a Northern Mockingbird juvie or severely molting adult

  2. I was going to say a juvie Mocker. Looks like someone else has the same idea. So you were visiting on my side of the country. How was Philly, have fun?

  3. You weren't saw a bird :)

    That spider is way cool!

  4. YEP got yourself a northern mockingbird...probably a young one...and thats a Garden Writing Spider..WE have tons of em around they are cool...from a safe distance!

  5. I was in Philly this past Spring and didn't have time to bird either. You did get one interesting bird sighting though!


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