Sandy River Delta.

I went over to the Sandy River Delta yesterday morning for the first time without Jake.  I felt like a jerk leaving him and Ralph at home, but I figured it would be much easier to look for birds without them.  It was.  Saw lots of good birds, though no chats or vireos...

I was often distracted by bugs and slugs and flowers and stuff.

The first birds I came across were an adult and a juvenile Western Scrub-Jay.  They were annoyed with me creeping around their tree.

I saw tons of Common Yellowthroats, mostly juveniles...

Found a Spotted Towhee juvenile in a mess of branches...

A parent was close by keeping an eye on him (or me).

My favorite bird of the morning was an Eastern Kingbird hunting over the main meadow area:

It was only my second time seeing one, my first time in Oregon, and he put on quite a show for me...

I only saw one Lazuli Bunting all morning, and only for a few seconds...

Willow Flycatchers were everywhere.  Lots of juveniles too.

Western Wood-Pewees were also around...

Lastly, I finally was able to find a Swainson's Thrush after hearing them on many occasions...

While I was watching this bird two dogs came tearing around the corner (it's an off-leash dog park) barking and totally charging at me.  Luckily I'm used to this kind of thing and I just ignored them, but realized I recognized one of the dogs as a dog that used to come to daycare at my work.  Which meant that the next person to come around the corner was none other than Carrie Brownstein, of Portlandia fame.  She apologized and I said it was fine, and that was that.  Good times!


  1. Nice BIF (birds in flight) shots of the Eastern Kingbird!!!

    I've been to the Sandy Delta at least a dozen times this year hoping to find (actually see) the Red-eyed Vireos. Nada, not once -- ever. I guess they are pretty secretive. Who knows. It's getting late in the year and they'll be moving on soon, maybe next year? This is the seventh year in a row i've struck out on that bird -- nemesis bird if there ever was one.


  2. Nice passerine variety! Lots of fledgers. I see you resisted the urge to tell Carrie "Put a bird on it".

  3. oh, never heard of her! lol BUT there are LOTS of people Ive never heard of--I once sat on the same toliet in a SoHo sandwich shop as Gwyneth Paltrow or at least it said so on the wall "Gwyneth Paltrow peed Here." SOoooo
    Awesome birds Great List of Juvies!!! AND what on Earth is an Eastern Kingbird doing way over there<<<<<<<<<<<-----?

  4. Lovely images...
    I really enjoyed the collage.

  5. Beautiful shots of all those little birds. They are so hard to get.

  6. Jen, beautiful photos from your outing. Love all the birds. Great shots.

  7. Wonderful series. I am in love with that last shot! The mossy limb is wonderful.


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