Wapato Access Greenway.

I went over to Sauvie Island this morning in search of Red-eyed Vireos on the Wapato Access Greenway trail.  Failed to find any, but there was enough other good stuff so I was not disappointed.  Lots of good bugs and things...

Most of the birds were hanging low in the shade, so be warned, there are a lot of fuzzy dark photos ahead... The first bird I found was a raggedy little Bewick's Wren...

I'm not sure about this next young one... some kind of thrush... Swainson's?

A young robin:

A blurry young Cedar Waxwing:

This Red-breasted Sapsucker was really dull in color, probably the least bright one I've ever seen.

There were tons of Common Yellowthroats in one area...

And lastly, what I think is a raggedy young Song Sparrow...

Good times...


  1. Hi Jen:

    I was at Wapato this weekend and i was able to locate three Red-eyed Vireos. I got there at dawn, just after six, and found all three by their vocalizations, and only got to see one of them. By eight o'clock they were undetectable.

    I found the same motley crew of rag-tag birds as you. Some were in such bad shape or unfamiliar plumage that i couldn't identify them. But i think you nailed all of the id's in your pictures.

    Your dragonfly is a male Eight-spotted Skimmer, and the butterfly is a Woodland Skipper. Not sure about the bugs though.


  2. Great shots of the young birds!

  3. Great shots of all the juveniles. I love the neat looking spiders web and the dragonfly looks similiar to one I saw this past weekend. Sorry you missed the Vireo's. Happy Birding!

  4. Good birding, Jen! Your I.D.s are quite correct.

    The vireos are around, but in such low numbers that they may be easily missed if not vocalizing. I hope you caught some Garter Snake glimpses as well. They're quite abundant at this location.

    I also recommend birding here in winter. It's full of good sparrows, raptors, and waterfowl. Eurasian Wigeon is pretty much a guarantee, Common Teal a possibility, and I even saw Common Goldeneye out there last year.


  5. YOU do a great job with your ID's on the Imm. birds!! Great BIRD shots and I enjoyed that collage too!!

  6. Nice! I like all the insect photos. Especially the trippy cobweb.

  7. Aren't juvies fun! Adds some excitement in the summer.


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