Chapman School Vaux's Swifts

Computer problems are both awesome and delightful, made even more so when you know they are your own fault.  I did something that made my USB ports super angry and it took me three days to realize that I could just pop the SD card from my camera directly into my computer to obtain my photos from the Chapman School Monday night. 

Anyway, every September thousands of Vaux's Swifts roost in the chimney of a school in northwest Portland.  It's quite a spectacle, though at times the birds take a backseat to the actual spectators.  But I will focus on the birds...

And if you feel like reading more about me for some reason, check out my recent interview over at Bourbon, Bastards and Birds... Good times!


  1. Wow Jen, that's amazing! I've only seen a few at a time in Tucson and Yosemite. Great photos for something hard to capture.

  2. Hoping to take my 5 year old son to see this soon!

  3. You give a great interview. Excellent read and nifty photos, as always.

  4. Nice new header! We have both opted for an autumn look. It's in the air. I enjoyed your interview and thank you for the shout out ;)
    Dontcha just love the swift?!

  5. What a cool scene to watch all the swift. they remind me of the chimney swifts we have here. I love the header shot yoo.


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