Westmoreland Park.

Recently the Audubon Society of Portland posted an article on Facebook about the domestic ducks and geese that live at Westmoreland Park.  In just nine days these guys will be removed from the park once and for all to help restore the park and Crystal Springs Creek.  I decided to head down there yesterday morning to say goodbye to all those funny-looking birds...  The geese are pretty awesome to look at:

 But the ducks definitely win in the variety category...

Although I completely support the relocation of these guys, I will definitely miss seeing them when I go back in the fall to look at gulls.  Anyway, while I'm making collages, here is one more of some other cool stuff around the park...

Lastly, I have been ridiculously entertained by all the molting crows around lately.

Good times!  If you are looking to adopt a domestic goose or duck, I believe there are some yet to find homes- get in touch with the Audubon Society!


  1. Cute ducks, I hope they all find a good home to go to. Great photos and mosaics.

  2. Nice new banner. I thought of your crows while I made a lame attempt at mid-day city birding yesterday and was relegated to hanging out with a flock of Ravens...got some good shots at least. The key? Dog food.

  3. I read your interview on BB&B. It was a lot of fun. The story on how you came to hate birds helps explain things "and then she killed him." You have some nice photo's here and I'm enjoying looking at them. I've been trying to get the perfect spider pic all summer and still haven't got it. You got one sitting just right in the light here.


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