Fernhill Wetlands.

It's been pretty dark and gloomy here in the northwest this week, but for some reason it has made me want to get outside even more.  Yesterday afternoon I went over to Fernhill Wetlands for the first time since spring.  It seemed completely dead and silent at first but I eventually found the birds...

American Kestrel

Along the Dabbler's Marsh trail I found a funny goldfinch that I am pretty sure wanted to be my friend.

Back in the mitigation pond was a scattering of geese, including these outcasts:

I know the middle bird (or similar birds) have been called Graylag X Canada Goose hybrids, so I wonder if those are the actual parents with him?  They seemed to stick together...


 There's a nice dead tree at the wetlands where I've seen herons and eagles perch.. Yesterday it was a Red-tailed Hawk. 

 Lastly, this heron was pretty:

Good times!


  1. Glad you got out, you saw great birds and your photos are wonderful. Your little goldie friend is cute. And the Hawk shot is one of my favorites. Happy birding and have a great weekend!

  2. SO glad you did go out I am enjoying these photos...I bet that is hybrid and those are his parents...cool!!
    Love the standing tall Heron shot too!!

  3. Love the hawk/geese shot, epic scene.

  4. I think that the adult geese are the parents. I've been watching them out there all summer. I usually see two hybrids together with the parents. I wonder if one died?


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