Weekend stuff.

It's been a nice long three-day weekend for me (oh wait, that's every weekend for me), and I managed to get outside quite a bit.  Saturday morning was spent at Force Lake not birding, but rather helping to pick up trash and massacre blackberry bushes.  I've got the scratches to prove it.   Anyway, here are some birds and other things from the weekend...

It's been creeper city at Kelley Point lately, and I'm not even talking about the weirdo dudes that hang out in the parking lot... 

Brown Creeper

 I had this House Sparrow below my feeder on Saturday... Is it molting or something else?

 Oh yeah, I watched a spider out front of my house wrapping up a ladybug:

 Back to Kelley Point Park, I saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet with its crown blasting full force!

He calmed down pretty quickly, but it was awesome to see for a few seconds...

This afternoon my friend and I went to Sauvie Island to pick pumpkins.  We checked out three different patches and Sauvie Island Farms ended up being the easy favorite.   This is where my friend found his dream pumpkin and actually yelled out "oh my god, butt pumpkin!" when he saw it:

Kruger's ended up having the most boring pumpkin selection, and at the Pumpkin Patch we didn't even look at pumpkins.  We got stuck in the damn corn maze for an embarrassingly long time.  Oh well, good times!


  1. Wow, I've never seen that much red on Kinglet's crown.

  2. Dude, that spider shot is off the chain. Your moldly looking sparrow is a bit albinistic I think. Frosty Sparrow.

  3. Your ruby kinglet is just adorable, great captures. And I had a good laugh over the butt pumpkin. The spider is a little creepy. Great post and photos, Jen!

  4. So you got lost in the corn maze eh? teehee I Love the butt pumpkin..its way too cute.
    OH wow that Ruby really was showing off for sure---


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