I set out this morning on my bike to try to add some more birds to my new motorless bird list...  I figured I would go see the Snow Bunting that continues to enjoy a random parking lot near the river, then see what else I could find.  Oh, and it was a gorgeous morning.

The Snow Bunting was exactly where he was supposed to be:

I added several more species to my list along the Columbia, but I was surprised I couldn't find a Bald Eagle or a loon.  I suppose, that's just another reason to get back there soon.  My next stop was the Columbia Childrens Arboretum.  It was my first time there and I was not disappointed.

There was one patch of the park that was super birdy- juncos all over, kinglets flying directly at my face, creepers creeping, and a Red-breasted Nuthatch going to town on a pinecone:

This Downy Woodpecker was super busy being adorable:

On my way out I heard a familiar buzzing and looked up to find a hummingbird at the top of a tree...

It was a great morning- ended up adding 22 more species to my motorless list which is only motivating me to get out and find more.  Good times!


  1. Wow, you've got alot of energy! The Children's Arboretum sounds like a very cool place!

  2. Great idea! And it looks like great results, too. I'm chipping away at my own 'walking' list since moving, and have found just over 70 species, most in the doldrums of summer. I'm lucky to have lots of varied habitat nearby. Well worth exploring more.

  3. What an interesting photo of a Downy, all perched up like a perching bird.

  4. Hi Jen, it looks like a great day of birding and biking. Is the hummer sighting unusual for this time of year there? I just love the Snow Butning, they are beautiful birds. Great captures. Happy Birding!

  5. Great photos. I've had a Downy Woodpecker in my yard this winter, for the first time. The Snowy Bunting is very cool too -- I've never seen one in the wild. Thanks.

  6. Great shots Jen, havent had my bike out in forever...must do that!!
    A HUMMER...must have been inside? Great shot either way.

  7. @Eileen & Sondra- We have Anna's Hummingbirds year round here, but since I don't have a feeder anymore I don't see them often.

  8. Cool Downy Woodpecker pic! Believe it or not, I almost dipped on a Red-breasted Nuthatch this year. I finally saw one at my feeder during Christmas vacation.

  9. You have Anna's that far north all year long. That's crazy! Really great photo of snow bunting. I've seen very few this year. Actually its a very quiet winter for all birds it seems here. Our CBC along the Taunton River was lame!


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