I set out this morning on my bike to try to add some more birds to my new motorless bird list...  I figured I would go see the Snow Bunting that continues to enjoy a random parking lot near the river, then see what else I could find.  Oh, and it was a gorgeous morning.

The Snow Bunting was exactly where he was supposed to be:

I added several more species to my list along the Columbia, but I was surprised I couldn't find a Bald Eagle or a loon.  I suppose, that's just another reason to get back there soon.  My next stop was the Columbia Childrens Arboretum.  It was my first time there and I was not disappointed.

There was one patch of the park that was super birdy- juncos all over, kinglets flying directly at my face, creepers creeping, and a Red-breasted Nuthatch going to town on a pinecone:

This Downy Woodpecker was super busy being adorable:

On my way out I heard a familiar buzzing and looked up to find a hummingbird at the top of a tree...

It was a great morning- ended up adding 22 more species to my motorless list which is only motivating me to get out and find more.  Good times!