PDX & Ridgefield NWR

I visited the Snow Bunting on Monday afternoon to see if the rumours were true that it had made some Horned Lark friends.  Indeed, I counted ten larks milling about...

The bunting seemed to like the new buddies.  Maybe they reminded him (her?)  of the homeland.

Yesterday morning I went up to Ridgefield.  It rained a little but was mostly dry and even saw a few patches blue sky. 

Red-winged Blackbird

At the beginning of the trail to the bird blind I flushed a Red-tailed Hawk who flew off farther down the trail and landed.  This caused a Red-shouldered Hawk to start screaming its head off.  The Red-tailed eventually flew off and the Red-shouldered stopped hollering.  But I still couldn't see it until I reached the blind and it flew off also. 

Red-shouldered Hawk

Birds can sure make some bone-chilling sounds sometimes.  Back by my car there was a Spotted Towhee sitting on a branch.  Out in the open.  Preening.  I was surprised when it didn't fly off into hiding immediately, but rather plucked a little berry or something off the tree and snacked. 

I saw my first bittern of the new year creeping in some grass...

American Bittern

In one of the ponds some geese were bathing wildly and were quite entertaining.

Good times!!


  1. Woah! Is that goose upside down in the 2nd to last picture? That's a power wash.

    Nice Towhee

  2. Hi Jen, fantastic birds and outing. I love the Horned Larks, they are pretty birds. Glad the Snow Bunting became friends with the Larks. They seem to hang out together in Maryland too. My favorite shot and sighting is your American Bittern. Just awesome! Great photos and post, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birding!

  3. a great day out...horned larks..wow--and snow buntings!!
    Really like the RWB shot with the rain--and the Geese Gone Wild Bathing is so much fun---

  4. Amazing photos, especially the American Bittern! That was my spark bird, the first bird I ID'd with my first Peterson's field guide, and I've always wanted to get a good photo! Haven't even seen one in like four years!


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