Smith & Bybee Lakes.

It was a sunny day here so I decided to ride my bike out to Smith & Bybee Lakes to try to add some more birds to my motorless list.  I was able to find eight more birds for my list, though still a few easy ones missing.

I was hoping for Varied Thrushes, which I usually find easily there, but instead came up with quite a few Hermit Thrushes.  One in particular posed nicely for me...

Kinglets were abundant and I was finally able to add the Golden-crowned, though no good photos.  Most of the kinglets I've seen this winter have been Ruby-crowned, and I swear last year it was the opposite.

At one point I was standing still and an Orange-crowned Warbler flew right by my face and landed in a bush next to me.

I saw a few Purple Finches while I was there, including these guys that looked kinda weird and yellow (if they're not actually Purple Finches, let me know!)...

It was a great chilly afternoon... Also added to my motorless list: Belted Kingfisher, Bald Eagle, Common Merganser, and Canvasback.  I was stoked to discover a much easier way to get home from that area too- I had no idea this one bike path connected to this other bike path... Anyway... Good times!


  1. Hi Jen, lovely series of birds and photos. I just love your Orange Crowned Warbler. What a great sighting. The kinglet is an awesome shot too, always neat to see their ruby crowns. Great post and photos. Happy Birding and have a great weekend!

  2. Great bird/berry pics. I heart the Hermit Thrush.

  3. Nice set of photos Jen. I haven't been out to S&B Lakes for a long time. Great shots of the Hermit Thrush and the OCW. Looks like we're going back to cloudy weather!

  4. That ruby-crowned is cuter than a flying squirrel!

  5. The thrush/snowberry (is that what those are?) shots are WINNING.

  6. LOVE the berry in the throat - and all the other pix too! What a fun day!

  7. What a great thrush n berry series..LOVE IT-reminds me of a yogurt raisin yum..
    Terrific day out!!!

  8. I also love the thrush snowberry series! Years ago there was some debate amongst my birding group as to if those snowberries were a food source for birds. I had never seen a bird eat one - until now!
    Thanks! Love the motorless birding! Ride on!


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