Squirrel vs. Suet

As you may recall from my new year's post, I started making my own vegetarian suet cakes.  I realized quickly that in addition to attracting hordes of starlings, it also attracted a squirrel which never happened with the old regular suet.  I tried hanging the suet from a long hook so the squirrel couldn't reach it and at first it was successful.  The squirrel was confused.

Confused squirrel.

He ran around the tree trying to find an angle to approach the suet from.  He briefly considered if he could somehow get onto the trash can...

Nope.  He eventually gave up that day and just waited for the starlings to drop stuff.  But the problem with my one tree is that it's some kind of willow (I think) and the branches all grow up, not out, so when I hang something it usually isn't too far from the trunk.  Today the squirrel finally made it onto the suet with lots of interesting acrobatics.

I let him go nuts.  I figured he earned it this time.  Plus it's apparently either him or the starlings who are gonna win, and the squirrel is cuter.

Ah well.  I will try to repair my upside down suet feeder soon so maybe I can cut back on the starlings.  Good times!


  1. Cute shots of the squirrels, they would be good at gymnastics.

  2. holy shit! this is amazing!!!

  3. thats one battle you WILL NOT WIN, speaking from experience of course..lol they should be running for president with the GOP then they would have a viable candidate running eh? lol
    Speaking of bozos....oh a squirrels I am currently batting better than my average...and Ive seen fox squirrels moving into the area Im wondering if they are gonna attack the feeders too?
    LOVE your story and your photos---he is a pretty one!!

  4. That's hilarious. I love that you labeled the first photo "confused squirrel". I totally cracked up at that.

  5. Very ninja-like. I have one that comes to my feeders and ATTEMPTS to shimy up the window - flat glass! He or she is almost successful with this technique. That's usually when my wife runs out and chases it for at least 20 yards.

    It always comes back though, and with ninja stealth and avengance.

    They simply will not be stopped.

  6. You should post that photo and narrative to an online mag. Squirrels are a great example of at first you don't succeed. We should all take their example to heart. Even if you need to hang by your feet to accomplish your mission don't dispair just make it happen. Great photos as usual. You could make that an inspirational story of success to lift our spirits in the darker non-birding months. wink!

  7. Too cute, I love the stretch on that guy! Totally agreed - squirrels over starlings!


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